A sentence generator implemented in Lua

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GenerationEngine Package GenerationEngine, the sentence generator.
GenerationEngine.GenerationRunner Module to run the generation engine as an API.
GenerationEngine.coverageCriteria Framework to implement a coverage criteria.
GenerationEngine.grammar_transformation Transformation module.
GenerationEngine.productionCoverage Production coverage implementation.
Translator Package Translator, translate the input grammar formalism to the internal Lua grammar specification.
Translator.ANTLR_G Translator interface
Translator.EBNF_G Translator interface
Translator.SDF_G Translator interface
Translator.printDotGDGraph Callback ref to local AST Visitor


RunGrammar the interface module to execute the generation process
buildProdGraph Build a graph production based graph representing the grammar.
grammarTrans module contains the transformations over the grammar.
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