Script RunGrammar

the interface module to execute the generation process


    arg[1] -> Lua Grammar File
    arg[2] -> "stats" for statistics or "gen" to the generation process.
    if arg[2] == "stats"
      arg[3] -> Initial derivation tree height
      arg[4] -> Final derivation tree height
      arg[3] -> maxCycle
      arg[4] -> maxDerivLen
      arg[5] -> CoverageCriteria
      arg[6] -> File prefix for output file generation.


DefOptionsTab Default table for runtime configuration.


Default table for runtime configuration. Can be used on the configuration files.


  • quietExec Quiet execution
  • execMode Execution type gen or stats
  • maxCyclesOp Max. cycles inside an operator. Like, oneOrMore operator.
  • maxCycles Global max. nonterminal cycles
  • maxDerivLen Max. derivation tree height
  • maxDerivLenFinal Max. derivarion tree height final. Only for stats
  • coverageCrit Coverage criterion to use
  • filePrefix Prefix for the output files
  • transGrammarCache Use a cache file save the transformation grammar
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